'Duck Dynasty' Stars Seek Higher Salaries

"Duck Dynasty," the hit reality-TV show on A&E, is known for its bearded, camouflage-wearing, self-described "redneck" characters.

Those characters have become breakout stars and, according to a story in the Hollywood Reporter Wednesday, the stars are now demanding more money in order to return for a fourth season.

Citing sources close to the negotiation, The Hollywood Reporter said the family is asking for more than $200,000 per episode, with more for future seasons.

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"It returned in February to absurdly large ratings, which just makes broadcasters drool," said Michael O'Connell, staff editor for The Hollywood Reporter.

"Duck Dynasty" follows the lives of the Robertson family, who live in the backwoods of Louisiana and run their family-owned business, Duck Commander. The multimillion-dollar enterprise sells duck calls and duck-hunting supplies.

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"A new breed of millionaire, my family," "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson told ABC News' Ryan Owens last year. "Pretty scary, huh?"

"Duck Dynasty" is A&E's most-watched show, and its viewership is growing. This season alone it averaged 8.2 million viewers.

"I've seen enough train wrecks on TV, on shows, so it would be good to see a family that sits down and eats together," Robertson told Owens of his family's show.

A&E declined ABC News' request for a comment.

Salary standoffs aren't new to the business. The casts of "The Jersey Shore," "Modern Family," "Grey's Anatomy" and "Friends" all banded together to successfully negotiate higher salaries.