'The Bible': 'Hot Jesus' Embarrassed by Twitter Tag

The biggest thing on television, ironically, turns out to be a book, "The Bible." The premiere of the History Channel miniseries is the No. 1 one rated cable show of the year, drawing millions of viewers.

But if you consult Twitter, the best thing about the hit show is actually "hot Jesus."

Diogo Morgado, who plays Jesus, has inspired the hashtag "#hotjesus." And, as he explained to Lara Spencer on "Good Morning America" today, he's a little bashful about all the attention he's receiving.

"Its official, I am embarrassed," Morgado said.

Morgado, 33, "freaked out" and "panicked" when he first learned he was chosen for the role. Then he "calmed down and breathed" and called his parents to alert them of the news.

But the Portuguese actor and former model doesn't feel as though he's merely playing a role.

"We start by understanding that this is not a role," he said. "This figure is pretty much alive every single day for billions around the world. You have to take it with understanding that."

Executive producer Roma Downey, who also plays Jesus' mother, Mary, says it's amazing how well the audience has received the miniseries.

"We believe that by the time the Easter Sunday episode finishes, more than 100-million people will have seen all five episodes of 'The Bible,'" she told Spencer. "It's become a dialogue all across the country. People are talking about 'The Bible' around the water cooler, around the kitchen table, and that's very encouraging."

Downey believes the miniseries has resonated so well because it's a "fresh visual retelling of the greatest story that was ever written."

The finale of the 10-hour, five-part miniseries airs Easter Sunday.