A 10-Minute Solution to Erasing Tired Eyes

ABC News' Jen Pereira reports:

Heavy bags under the eyes are an issue many women face but there is a treatment that promises to eliminate the problem in just 10 minutes.

By injecting filler into the eye bags, cosmetic surgeons say they are able to quickly fix that troublesome area under the eyes, known as a tear trough, with an in-office procedure that does not require anesthesia.

"Ten minutes later [post-filler], they [patients] come out and they don't have dark circles under their eyes," said. Dr. Alexander Rivkin, a Los Angeles based-facial cosmetic surgeon. "It lasts for two, three, four years."

"It really is the fountain of youth for the eyes," Dr. Rivkin said.

" Good Morning America" followed four women - Taryn Piana, Iya Ritchie, Esther Lira and Melissa Beretich - each seeking that "fountain of youth," who decided to try the tear trough treatment themselves.

"What I'm hoping to come out with is to be able to go back to what I was doing four to five years ago and not wear makeup," Beretich, 40, said prior to her procedure with New York City-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Pearlman.

Ten minutes later, Beretich said she "absolutely" saw a difference in her eyes and felt no pain at all.

"What this treatment is doing is camouflaging the bags," Pearlman said of the $600 to $1,000 treatment.

"For people who only have mild [eye] bags, it's a way to stave off the need for surgery by filling in that hollow," he said. "It's not reducing the bag but you're making it less visible."

Esther Lira, one of Rivkin's patients who tried the treatment, said she was never able to cover her bags with makeup that looked natural.

After her treatment, Lira, 42, like Beretich, said she could "see a difference."

Iya Ritchie, 40, and Taryn Piana, 27, both of whom worked with Rivkin, were also pleased with the results of their trough treatment.

"It's awesome," Piana said.

Surgeons say the side effects of the treatment like puffy eyes and possible bruising will fade away within one week.