'Dancing With the Stars' Season 16: Louis Van Amstel, Sabrina Bryan Blog on Week 5

For week 5's side-by-side challenge , "Good Morning America" brought " Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars" duo, pro Louis Van Amstel and his celebrity partner singer/actress Sabrina Bryan, back together to weigh in on each of the performances . We'll have Sabrina's take and Louis' take on each of the dances and who'll be eliminated. Let the games begin!

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Louis: I'm so excited my buddy Sabrina Bryan is co-blogging with me this week. We both write blogs separately, so it's going to be interesting to see if we agree or not! The big twist thrown at the couples this week is the addition of a third pro for Len's first ever side-by-side challenge. Interesting! Let's see if they're all in sync and if the celebrities won't get intimidated by the pros!!

Sabrina: Wow! There's no better way to start off an intense night of competition than a hot group number choreographed by "DWTS"" very own Lacey Schwimmer! The routine was packed with fun and energy as led by the cast and pros coming back to action….Maks anyone? Yes please! Right off the bat we find exactly what the judges are looking for from the remaining couples this week. As Len challenges the celebs to dance "side by side" with a professional couple we are bound to see who will step up and who might buckle under the pressure.

The Routines

Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson's Cha Cha with Pros Tony and Emma

Sabrina: This week they have the Cha Cha, one of my favorites. If Ingo brings the enthusiasm he's brought the first half of the season this should be pretty good. Instantly, we see the added intensity and stress that comes from being compared to a pro couple. This could break down a dancer's confidence, but the stress certainly didn't show in Ingo's face as he started his side by side segment of the Cha Cha. I did see him mess up some counts as he fell slightly behind in the choreography next to Tony Dovolani. This is an example of a mistake that most likely would've gone unnoticed if Tony wasn't there. Watching the routine, I feel that he deserves to give himself more credit for his performance and if he can loosen up more it will allow him to reach his potential, because a score of 21 is definitely not all he can do.

Louis:In the beginning of the side-by-side, they weren't completely in sync, but that got better in the second half. As the dance went on, Ingo also got way better performance wise. I would have liked to see a bit more Cha Cha content, but he was full energy in the second part. I agree with Len and I also agree with Bruno. I actually thought Ingo looked a little scared and timid in the side by side, but was way better in his solo. Scores good.

Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff's Jive with Pros Maks and Anna

Sabrina: Alright, I'm excited for this. With Jacoby and Karina's charisma this Jive should be amazing! Not to mention my buddy Maks is back and who doesn't love that? These two guys dancing next to each other sets the dance floor on fire! I'm going to go ahead and reward them with the hottest "Man-Couple" ever to grace "Dancing with the Stars"! Jacoby has incredible control over those insanely long limbs of his to be able to maintain precise flicks at that speed. However, since he has larger feet, it's easy to spot toes that aren't pointed and feet that aren't turned out in those shiny Latin shoes. Len held out giving him a 9, which resulted in a score of 26.

Louis: Very interesting having Maksim, Anna, and Karina in the same dance! Lot of history there, haha. Wow, that was a high energy, in your face, take it or leave it Jive. Very in sync. For such a tall guy, Jacoby did a very good Jive. His feet were a little too flexed in the Jive kick, and his timing was sometimes off out of his enthusiasm. Bruno, once again, feet shouldn't be pointed (nor flexed). Agree with Carrie Ann. You gotta love Jacoby's comment back to Len about his feet, good for him. Good scores. (On a side note, Maksim and Anna looked fantastic together).

Victor Ortiz and Lindsey Arnold's Viennese Waltz with Pros Tristan and Emma Sabrina: Yikes! This week was a hard week for Victor personally. As a celeb on this show, it can be difficult to block out negativity as you try to focus on an obstacle you've never faced before. Losing your focus at this point in the competition - even for a second - can lead to an elimination. It was great to see Victor move forward and show case, in my opinion, his best dance so far! He looked smooth and comfortable as he glided across the floor with the Viennese Waltz dancing side by side with Tristan and Emma. Victor's fluid movements earned him a 21. Dang, I thought I saw possible 8's if only that foot hadn't lifted off the floor and the "lift patrol" hadn't caught it.

Louis: Their side by side was good, but the girls did most of the dancing. Victor executed all his steps, but it needed to be way smoother to make it a graceful Viennese Waltz. I commend him for not giving up and control his emotions. I don't agree with the judges: it wasn't that fluid, graceful or victorious. It was reasonable. I'm not being negative, just realistic. In comparison to Ingo's high energy performance level, Victor should have a 6 in there.

Aly Raismann and Mark Ballas' Samba with Pros Tony and Whitney

Sabrina: This week Aly has the Samba, and new troupe member Whitney is working with her. Aly was able to bring out her "inner fire cracker" through her "hair-ography" and hip action. As I watched them, I realized how long these routines are. When you up the level of difficulty it's hard to maintain not only your technique, but your energy as well. As we saw with Aly, she made only one small mistake, but her level of confidence seemed to drop, earning her a score of 25.

Louis: I like how Aly is starting to show more of her personality each week. Whitney can really rub off some of her sassy personality because that girl is a spit fire. (Might Whitney be a pro dancer in the making?) Great side by side and very in sync. I want to see Aly develop more technique though to keep up with Kellie and Zendaya because at times it looks a bit choppy. I agree with Len about her legs. Actually Bruno, I'd like to see her technique get stronger. Unfortunately have to agree with Carrie Ann. The first part was better. I think a 9 is a little high, but I'm happy for Aly.

Sean Lowe and Peta Murgatroyd's Quickstep with Pros Tristan and Chelsie

Sabrina: Sean is a celebrity that gains more confidence as he climb up the score board. This routine was fun, Fun and more FUN! The judges didn't mention it, but I feel that Sean could work on not anticipating the next move. Watching his frame, he tends to move his head in the direction of his next move rather than holding his frame and neck line. I remember Louis constantly fixing my chin and line as we worked on our Quickstep. It's a hard concept to execute with such a quick-paced routine, but it didn't hold Sean back as he captured the judges and more importantly the audience. Although I don't quite get Len's pigeon statement - who did? I do agree this was Sean's best dance!

Louis: The Quickstep is not an easy dance to do side by side. The performance was very clever and had a fun side-by-side section. I was ready to say it wasn't Quickstep on such a small stage, but there were recognizable elements. As much as I love Sean's energy and performance level, he definitely sacrificed his hold and in Quickstep it's important keep the two bodies in contact. Only partly agree with the judges. It was high energy and they flew across the floor, but it wasn't very light or swan like. The top frame has to stay cool calm, and collected. Scores OK.

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Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough's Foxtrot with Pros Henry and Anna

Sabrina: I have been waiting ALL SEASON to see this girl do a ballroom dance and finally it's here! With her elegance and extensions I was expecting something great and Kelly did not disappoint. Each week she has showcased her ability to take on different levels of emotions that each style demands. Her Foxtrot was a smooth and carefree dance mixed with technical elements that conveyed an era we all love. I was hoping the judges would miss her bobble on one turn because the quality of everything else was so good, but they didn't, which earned Kellie and Derek 9's across the board scoring them at 27!

Louis: It's so much fun to see Antonio (he's one of the amazing "DWTS" singers) sing behind the piano on the dance floor. As expected, the side by side was so well executed and so in sync. Watching their video package, I was worried for Kellie, but seeing her dance, she did so great. It was very expressive and confident. I would have liked to see softer moments in their solo because it was a little harsh in some parts. Even though I agree with most of what the judges say, it could have been slightly smoother to make it have more Foxtrot character. The whole package was awesome. Still best of the night so far!!!! Great scores.

DL Hughley and Cheryl Burke's Tango with Pros Sasha and Chelsie:

Sabrina: Last week was a huge leap forward for DL, and I hope it gives him the confidence to continue to grow as a dancer. This week with the Tango he showed an aggressive side much needed for the character of this dance. Although in character, he did lose a bit of control with his shoulders and his foot movement, which he was marked down by the judges for. What makes me appreciate DL so much is his level of passion for the competition. Every season people say that "it's just a dance show," however, it's hard for people to judge when you haven't been through the hours of hard work, sweat, and sometimes tears that the long weeks brings out of the contestants. DL has taken some very harsh critiques, and I applaud the fact they don't take him out, but only spark an even bigger fire under his feet.

Louis: Very good side by side DL. It was a lot of walking, but it was done with conviction. The solo was good too for DL's own level. He needs to improve his dancing now to be able to stay in the competition. I actually agree with Bruno: DL went for attack, but technically was lacking. I thought the side by side was actually pretty in sync.

Zendaya and Val Chmerkovskiy's Argentine Tango with Pros Maksim and Anna

Sabrina: This is a contestant that dances way beyond her years. She has a level of maturity that gives each performance a unique flair and sets the bar high for the rest of the competition. With the Argentine Tango I was worried about the height difference between her and Val. Luckily, she had one of my favorite professional girls, Anna Trebunskaya, to watch and mimic the style of dance. This is a skill that kept Zendaya ahead of the pack this week. She was able to execute technique and character by watching Anna and stepping it up out on the dance floor. The judges gave her the first 10's of the season earning her a 29, and I'm sure there will be plenty more perfect scores as the season continues.

Louis: OMG, again, Zendaya has the dance of the night! The side by side was awesome, the solo was fantastic, and look at her attitude at the end?! Hot hot hot. Just one note of criticism. Zendaya's legs can become a little stronger, especially with fast movement. Carrie Ann is right: Zendaya is so tall and so in control. The first 10 of the season is deserved. Awesome scores.

Andy Dick and Sharna Burgess' Paso Doble with Pros Sasha and Emma

Sabrina: Now that's what I call an entrance! The underdog of the season is one of my favorites to watch. Every single week Andy comes out with an incredible amount of energy, as well as the most thought out character for each dance. This week he brought the macho "Ando" with his Spanish Paso. With Andy, we know not to expect the highest level of difficulty, but to always expect the highest of entertainment. I was pretty impressed with his cape work as he did the choreography side by side with Sasha, however with one slip of the cape it almost fell apart in the end. That seems to be the guys' biggest complaint about using the cape, that sometimes it can work against you. This week Andy and Sharna earned an 18 tying with DL and Cheryl.

Louis: What a charming guy! Don't you just want Andy to do well? Anyway, focus on dancing. Awesome entry. I want to zipline! Like DL, Andy did all his steps, but needs to work on his refinement. I must say though Andy is so committed, even though technique was not really present. I still commend Andy. I would have liked to see Andy's face, because he's so telling with his facial expressions. People at home connect to personality, which Andy's mask covered completely. Scores are fair, unfortunately.

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Who's Going Home?

Sabrina: The bottom three, in my opinion, are Victor, DL, and Andy. With Victor having a turn-around this week, I think that it's between our two comedians for who goes home this week. So far, Cheryl's fans have saved her and DL from even hitting the bottom two, and as we all know with this competition, no one is safe.

Louis: I'm worried for DL, Victor, and Andy, but I think Victor goes home. He's been in the bottom two twice now.

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The Scores

Zendaya and Val Chmerkovskiy: 29

Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough: 27

Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff: 26

Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas: 25

Sean Lowe and Peta Murgatroyd: 24

Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson: 21

Victor Ortiz and Lindsey Arnold: 21

D.L. Hughley and Cheryl Burke: 18

Andy Dick and Sharna Burgess: 18

Pro Louis van Amstel is a three-time world dance champion and creator of LaBlast fitness-based dance DVD workouts. You can find him on Twitter @LouisvanAmstel.