5 Things to Know About Hailey Baldwin

Last night, Hailey Baldwin made a splash when she joined her famous father, Stephen Baldwin, on the red carpet for "After Earth."

So who is she? Fans may know already that she's the younger of Baldwin's two daughters with wife Kennya, but ABC News compiled five things that you might not know about the teen sensation.

1. She's Got Famous Friends: She may live on the East Coast, but Baldwin has a lot of friends in Hollywood. On Wednesday, she attended the "After Earth" premiere with Kylie Jenner ("Me and Hailey met at [the] 'Hunger Games' [premiere]," Jenner said on Keek) and hit Nobu with pal Willow Smith. And, of course, she's close with her first cousin, Ireland Baldwin.

2. She's A Burgeoning Fashion Designer: The rabid Topshop shopper has already started designing her own clothes. Earlier this month, she announced that she created a top for Brandy Melville USA with the words "Good Vibes" emblazoned on the chest.

3. She's a Natural Beauty: Baldwin has said that she hates getting glammed up. "I hate wearing a lot of makeup," she wrote on Twitter. "Last night was too much and I couldn't wait to take it off." (Helpful hint? She said once that she uses Neosporin to keep her complexion clear.)

4. She's A Music Fan: Baldwin is a fan of all different kinds of musical artists including T-Pain, Kendrick Lamar, Michael Bublé, Cody Simpson and John Mayer.

5. She Has a Few Celeb Crushes: Though she has joked about dating Leonardo DiCaprio, Baldwin has eyes for a few other guys, too, from Calvin Harris to Robert Downey Jr. But her favorite dream guy? "Pretty sure I called Brooklyn Beckham like the day he was born so…." she Tweeted last month of the 14-year-old Brit. (Later, she added that he may be too young for her.)