Mo'Nique Drops Whopping 80 Pounds


Oscar-winning actress Mo'Nique has gotten serious about her health, dropping 80 pounds and documenting her weight loss journey on Twitter.

The 45-year-old "Precious" actress has been posting snapshots from her grueling workouts, along with motivational messages to her thousands of followers, almost daily on Twitter.

"Take that fighting spirit inside of you and knock out that quitting spirit. Fight for your life. NO PAIN NO GAIN. :-)," she wrote today.

"I tweet every morning," she said in an interview earlier this week with New York radio station Hot 97. "Because I want women to see - especially us big women - that you don't have to let them cut you and suck it out. You don't have to let them staple you up. You don't have to let them give you a pill. You don't have to let them put a band around your organs."


The best supporting actress winner once tipped the scale at 300. She told the radio station her most recent weigh-in showed 218. Her goal is between 190 and 200 pounds.

"I am the best Mo'Nique I've ever been in my life right now," she said. "And I still have a ways to go. But I feel amazing."

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In addition to taking a minimum of 10,000 steps and doing 50 sit-ups a day, the comedian mixes up her workout with a host of activities, including weight lifting, running, yoga, and racquetball.

She revealed it was her husband Sidney Hicks who urged her to change.

"It made me say (to myself), 'OK sis, you got these babies. The twins are 7, (stepson) Michael's 9, Shalon's 22.' And I want to meet their babies,"Mo'Nique told Hot 97.

So, I said, 'Let me stop being selfish, and eating everything.' And I ate everything … I was a food junkie," she said.