Zachary Quinto On Coming Out: I Just Did It-No One Knew

By Andrew Lampard

When Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock in "Star Trek Into Darkness," came out publicly that he is gay, he gave no warning to his friends, family or publicists.

"I didn't tell anyone I was going to do it so no one had a chance to [give me advice]," said Quinto in an interview with movie critic Peter Travers on ABC's 'Popcorn.' "I just did it. No one in my life knew."

The star's high-profile 'coming out' two years ago, which preceded others like NBA player Jason Collins, seems to have help undermine the prejudice that publicly gay actors won't be accepted by audiences in straight film roles.

Quinto said he has experienced no adverse effects in his career in the aftermath of his announcement, and thinks people are more accepting of homosexuals and marriage equality than they were a few years ago.

"I felt supported at the time in a really profound way, by fans and people that just know me by my work," he said. "I think I'm in a really good place."

Quinto's full interview on 'Popcorn with Peter Travers,' in which he discusses playing Spock, J.J. Abrams' directing Star Wars, and overcoming bullying as a child, is below: