Heidi Klum: 7 Things You Don't Know About Her Kids

(Image Credit: Splash News)

Heidi Klum has a lot on her plate. Not only is she the busy mother of four, but the "Project Runway" host also has her own children's line with Babies 'R' Us, Truly Scrumptious, while recently partnering with Shutterfly to figure out new ways to design for kids.

One solution? "I think it's important for kids' art to be on the wall," she told ABC News today. "We put our art on the wall and they also live in the house. I think it's important for them to see their stuff is just as important as the grownup stuff."

It's clear that Klum's four children - Leni, 9, Henry, 7, Johan, 6, and Lou, 3 - with her former husband, singer Seal, 50, are the center of her life. And now the former supermodel, 40, shares what life is like with them.

1. They're world travelers: They may be young, but Klum's kids already have well-worn passports. Indeed, Klum said, they landed in New York City this morning after spending time in Australia, where their dad appears on "The Voice." "The stewardess always says, 'They're so well behaved on the plane,'" she said. "But it's because they're so used to it, from when they were little."

2. They're artistic: They're regulars at a pottery decorating studio in New York City and Klum also has an art teacher come to her home to do projects with the kids. "My son is the biggest artist out of all of them, Johan," she said. "He paints all the time. He can just sit at the table at just paint. … He loves it."

3. They get along with each other: "People are always surprised when they come over [but] they love each other," said Klum, who added that the girls are typically the leaders of the group, while the boys are more easygoing. "Of course sometimes they're like, [fighting], of course, but they do like to play with each other."

4. They're adventurous eaters: Klum's kids aren't exactly chowing down on mac-n-cheese and fish sticks. (They prefer sushi!) "My boys like California rolls, my other wants, like, sashimi," said Klum, a big sushi lover herself. "And they can eat with the chopsticks, with the little helper on it. They love it."

5. They have expensive taste: They're not just ordering this sushi anywhere. "Their favorite restaurant is Nobu," she said, adding that her daughters are hooked on the restaurant's yellowtail jalapeno dish. (Klum orders it without the jalapeno for her little one.) "I'm like, 'Honestly, the poor man that you will meet one day. You're going to eat through his whole wallet,'" she said with a laugh. "My oldest, she's the worst. She always wants to eat at Nobu."

6. They love the theater: Her kids were well-behaved last year during a performance of the Broadway show "Newsies," and she's planning to take them this summer to see "Annie," "Matilda" and "Spider-Man."

7. They're not getting more brothers and sisters: When asked whether she's planning to expand her family, Klum laughed. "I don't think so. Four is a lot," she says. "They're a little pack. It's very dangerous for mom, because it's four against me."