What Has Channing Tatum 'So Excited' About Fatherhood?

Being a first-time dad to a daughter means a lifetime ahead of tea parties, dances, sports, graduations and one day, most likely, walking her down the aisle.

For new dad Channing Tatum, what has him "so excited" about being a dad to his newborn daughter, Everly, with actress-wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum, is something much more basic.

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"I've never been so excited when something poos," Tatum, 33, said today on " Good Morning America." I just get so amped up because I'm in the game now."

"The mom does so much of the early work, those first few weeks and I'm just like, 'Put me in the game. Put me in the game,'" he said. "I've gotten so good at like changing diapers, swaddling and then get it back before she cries."

The reigning "Sexiest Man Alive" and his "Step Up" co-star welcomed their first child May 31 in London, where Tatum was on location filming "Jupiter Ascending."

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The star is now back in the U.S. promoting his new movie, "White House Down," while his wife takes care of Everly.

"She's good. She's tough as nails," Tatum said of Dewan-Tatum. "Those first few weeks are hard and she's just swimming through them."

Tatum's role in "White House Down" as an aspiring Secret Service agent with a young daughter, played by Joey King, put him on an unexpected parallel track with his real-life family life.

"We actually found out at the end of this movie that she was pregnant," Tatum said on "GMA." "So it was kind of odd that I did my first movie that I have a daughter in and we were having a daughter."

What Kind of Father Will Channing Tatum Be?

If Tatum's work on the movie set is any indication of his skills as a parent, baby Everly is in good hands, says King. The two bonded on the set and even developed a minutes-long secret "Chanshake" handshake that they demonstrated on "GMA."

"He did a great job about being a dad because he was so fun and playful," King said. "She's [Everly] very lucky to have parents like Channing and Jenna and he's going to make a great dad."

Tatum revealed that also got parenting advice from another of his "White House Down" costars, with this piece of advice coming from someone on the other end of the father-daughter relationship.

"Jamie told me, he's just like, look, you've got to learn how to be a father and a buddy, like a homey, to your little girl and be a person that she can come and talk to as well," he said of his costar, Oscar winner Jamie Foxx, the father of a 19-year-old daughter.