Blake Lively: 'My Greatest Passion Is My Personal Life'

(Photo credit: Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images)

Blake Lively is no stranger to the finer things in life. She was a style icon for years on "Gossip Girl," embodying the role of an Upper East Side socialite.

But when it comes to decorating her upstate New York home with husband Ryan Reynolds, the "Savages" star is quick to give him his props.

Lively told Lucky magazine for its September issue that the "Van Wilder" star actually could be known as much for his style as he is for his abs.

"I'm very lucky to be with someone who has better taste than me," she admitted to the magazine.

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Lively said she and Reynolds, who married last September, "influence each other in different ways" and that she knows where her priorities lie.

"Work is important, but my greatest passion is my personal life," she said.

It is a life that includes instant satisfaction from making her home cozy with Reynolds.

"With film and TV, you don't see the results for months," she said. "Building a home, you get immediate gratification."

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Reynolds, 36, has said he would love a big family with Lively, who will no doubt spoil those kids with only the best in home cooking.

Lively is known for her skills in the kitchen and told Lucky that Boston restaurant O Ya actually invited her to come and prepare meals for its staff.

"Chefs are my rock stars," she said.