Ken Jeong: 'Turbo' Is for My Daughters

(Photo Credit: WireImage)

While he may be known for leaping out of a trunk onto Bradley Cooper wearing nothing but a pair of socks in "The Hangover," Ken Jeong said his breakthrough role as Mr. Chow is one his twin daughters Zooey and Alexa, 6, should never see.

"They can't really watch 'The Hangover,' like never!" Jeong, 43, said. But in his new film, "Turbo," an animated feature from Dreamworks about a snail who dreams of winning the Indy 500, Jeong is finally getting the respect he deserves at home.

"I've definitely scored more cool points at home this summer than any other summer absolutely," he told ABC News last night at the NYC premier of "Turbo."

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The "Community" star added that his daughters are just beginning to realize what he does for a living, so to be able to share this with them is something every father dreams of.

"They've seen 'Turbo' and loved it," he said. "To be able to do movies for them, that they can enjoy, it's so great. I can't even describe in words."

Zooey and Alexa are not the only ladies at home that can enjoy Ken's character in "Turbo." His wife Tran is Vietnamese and Jeong just happens to play an old, female Vietnamese manicurist in the film. He calls the role the weirdest shoutout to his wife and in-laws ever.

""Turbo's" about dreaming the impossible dream and for me that dream was to be an actor," The Detroit native added. "I used to be a doctor and I didn't think in a million years, I'd be talking to you, doing a movie."

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Though he's established himself in Hollywood, Ken can still be on call when fellow actors get hurt or need a doc.

"Yeah, the Sandra Bullock movie, on the set of 'All About Steve,' extras were getting sick from heat exhaustion, we had to go and just help people out," he said.

Talk about a double threat.