Local Reporter's Bear Attack Video Goes Viral

VIDEO: WJAR correspondent Julie Tremmel shares tips on how to protect against a bear attack.

This local TV reporter may not know anything about lions or tigers, but when it comes to bears, she's an expert.

In this news story that has gone wildly viral since it aired recently in Cranston, R.I., WJAR news reporter Julie Tremmel offers "a few tips from the experts" on what you should do if you ever come in contact with a "curious bear."

First, Tremmel suggests avoiding eye contact with the bear, which she clearly demonstrates by forcing her eyes open as wide as they can go and shifting her focus rapidly from left to right.

Then, she says to not run away, but rather, to back off slowly, which she also demonstrates in a crouched position, looking vigilantly around the dark woods surrounding her while moving away from the camera.

Next, wave your arms to let the animal know you're human, which she does with enough gusto to scare off any creature, not just bears.

She saves the best for last, telling her viewers to not yell, but instead stay quiet unless the bear attacks, at which point you should scream and throw things at the bear, as she shows by removing her shoe and hurling it at the camera lens.

Tremmel has become an internet sensation after a viewer posted the news story to YouTube, with users leaving comments such as "I'm sorry but I can't bear these tips," and "That should be on Comedy Channel."

Tremmel did not respond to ABC News' request for comment by the time of this writing.

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