Royal Memorabilia Collector Makes Room for Royal Baby Among 10,000-Piece Collection

Credit: ABC News

For the last 30 years, Margaret Tyler has amassed over 10,000 pieces of British royal memorabilia, turning her house into a shrine, and now she is making room for the royal baby.

"I am beyond excited about this baby," Tyler, 68, told "Nightline." "I'm waking up in the night. I can't sleep the whole night now. I have to put the news on."

Dedicated royal memorabilia collector Margaret Tyler showing ABC's Lama Hasan her Baby Cambridge memorabilia collection. Credit: ABC News

The dedicated royal memorabilia collector gave "Nightline" a tour of her home in northwest London, where the walls, tabletops and cabinets are covered in collectibles from royal events and announcements through the years, as well as nick-nacks carrying the British royal family's likeness and the St. James Cross, featured on the British flag.

A life-sized cardboard cutout of Princess Diana, a china doll of Kate Middleton in her wedding dress, numerous portraits of Queen Elizabeth II, countless china plates and mugs, and multiple busts of the royals are just some of the items in Tyler's collection, documenting each new chapter in the British royal family's history from the past few decades.

Credit: ABC News

Credit: ABC News

When William and Kate announced that the Duchess was pregnant, Tyler, 68, said she got a new table to start collecting memorabilia just for Baby Cambridge. The couple decided to go public with the news of Kate's pregnancy on Dec. 3, 2012, after the duchess was admitted to the hospital, a palace source told ABC News.

"These are mugs brought out for when the announcement was made," she said, pointing to a cluster of coffee mugs.

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Tyler also pointed out a small baby doll wearing a white lace christening gown, laying in a tiny bassinet.

Credit: ABC News

"This is a copy of the royal christening dress," Tyler said. "This is what William was christened in."

And the sort of gown the royal baby might be christened in? "Yes," she said.

A box of royal baby cookies, "It's a Boy" and "It's a Girl" gift bags, a pink bunny rattle, a little teddy bear dressed as a member of the Buckingham Palace Guard, and little baby booties adorned with the St. James Cross are among the other royal baby collectibles in Tyler's home.

Although she has collectibles for both a little prince and princess, Tyler was hoping Baby Cambridge would be a girl. Kate gave birth to a baby boy at 4:24 p.m. BST, the palace said in a statement.

"I think girls make very good queens," she said. "Her Majesty, Victoria - and Queen Mary was a very strong person. There is something in them."