'Scrubs' Superfans Tell How Zach Braff Helped With Proposal

He was only one of the 46,520 people who contributed to Zach Braff's Kickstarter campaign for his upcoming film, "Wish I Was Here," but he might be the most memorable.

Matt Hulbert, 35, an aspiring musician and graphic designer living just outside London, donated $500 to Braff's campaign and had a special request in return.

Fans who donate get different perks depending on the amount they give, and $500 bought fans a video shoutout from Braff.

"I'll say or do pretty much whatever you want for 20 seconds," Braff said on his Kickstarter page.

The shoutouts are slated to be sent to fans in September 2014.

What Hulbert wanted was for Braff to help him propose to girlfriend Janice Fletcher. "But I wanted to get the video back earlier than September of next year," Hulbert told ABC News.

He got it back earlier and this musician, who said he's never sold a song, wrote the song of his life in 30 minutes to go along with Braff's video request to Fletcher.

She obviously said "yes" after Hulbert showed her the video last Friday.

"Needless to say, we had an awesome weekend!" he said.

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Hulbert also recorded and posted his new fiancee's reaction on YouTube yesterday, where Fletcher gets to see Braff actually rocking out to her fiance's music.

"Sorry, you caught me listening to one of my favorite songs by my good friend Matt," Braff says in the video. "He asked me to help him with a little question he'd like to ask you, Janice … And he'd like you to please consider being his wife."

Hulbert's still in disbelief.

"I'm shaking in my boots really, this is amazing," Hulbert said of all the attention. "Zach and everyone else involved has just been lovely. After I asked for his help, his producer wrote me back and said he would be honored to do it."

Braff has a special meaning for this couple that met on Match.com a few years back. Hulbert said that for the past two Christmases, Fletcher has been buying Hulbert all the seasons of "Scrubs" on DVD. They've watched every episode together.

On the day he recorded the song, which plays in the background while bunnies, dogs and babies tell her to marry Matt, Hulbert took off work but pretended to go into the office to keep his plan a secret. He waved bye to her, as he always does, then turned around to come right back home.

The problem was they usually meet at home for lunch.

"So, I had to get back into my work clothes when she came back," he said. "It was so hard for me to keep it a secret, I was afraid she'd read my emails, it's such a sense of relief now. Janice is obviously blown away."