Watch Jennifer Lawrence Get Starstruck Over Jeff Bridges

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Jennifer Lawrence lost her cool when running into Jeff Bridges at Comic-Con this past weekend.

The Oscar-winning actress, there to promote two of her upcoming films, "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" and "X-Men: Days of Future Past," turned into just another fangirl when she caught the Oscar-winning actor giving an interview to "Extra" about his upcoming fantasy film, "Seventh Son."

"Extra" cameras captured Lawrence, 22, gingerly approaching Bridges, 63, before losing her nerve and running away. When the "Silver Linings Playbook" star realized that Bridges and the "Extra" crew spotted her, she returned somewhat chagrined.

"Oh my God, I'm like your biggest fan, I'm so sorry," a flustered Lawrence said, giving her idol a hug. "I'm so sorry for interrupting you, there's cameras everywhere."

"Extra" kept the camera rolling and caught the two stars meeting for the first time, even handing the microphone to Lawrence to continue the interview with Bridges.

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"What's your favorite movie you've ever done?" a nervous Lawrence, asked, forgetting to point the microphone toward Bridges. "Who's your favorite character? Does it rhyme with 'The Shmude'?"

Bridges responded by shifting the focus toward his "Crazy Heart" director Scott Cooper and Cooper's new film, "Out of the Furnace."

Then, the Hollywood veteran returned the compliment to Lawrence, saying, "I love your work."

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That of course prompted more gushing from Lawrence, who exclaimed, "Oh my God, that's so cool."

The incident brings to mind Lawrence's brief encounter with Jack Nicholson at the Academy Awards earlier this year, when the Hollywood legend had her giggling and gasping when he interrupted her post-Oscars interview to flirt with her.

Check out the video at about 2:30: