'Bachelorette' on Fiancé: 'I Will Marry Him Tomorrow If I Could'

The jaw-dropping moment that stunned all viewers, in what host Chris Harrison is calling the most dramatic and emotional finale of "The Bachelorette" ever, Desiree Hartsock handed out her final rose to the last man standing, Chris Siegfried. And it seems the beaming bridal stylist couldn't be happier about her decision.

"I will marry him tomorrow if I could," a smiling Hartsock said on "Good Morning America" this morning about her fiancé, Siegfried. "When I knew, I just knew."

Last week, on the first part of the two-week "Bachelorette" finale, Hartsock, 27, was devastated when front-runner Brooks Forester left the ABC dating show early, shocking everyone by bowing out at the last minute.

"Sometimes you have to get through the hard to get to the good," Hartsock said today about Forester's departure, explaining, "I think that helped me, getting past the hurt of Brooks leaving and being able to see all that was clear in Chris."

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Hartsock sent Drew Kenney, the other of the final two suitors, packing before Monday night's final rose ceremony, meeting Siegfried at the altar for what turned into a romantic proposal, as he dropped to his knee asking for Hartsock's hand in marriage.

"It's exciting. It's nerve-wracking. It's amazing," Hartsock said of that moment. "You're almost out of body."

Siegfried couldn't agree more, admitting he rehearsed what he was going to say during the proposal prior to seeing Hartsock.

"You want me to honest?," he asked. "I rehearsed once. I went over what I wanted to say to her because I thought there were important things I needed her to hear."

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And as for confronting Forester for the first time since his surprising departure in Antigua, the happy couple remains positive about the former frontrunner who Siegfried still calls his friend.

"It was good to see him," Hartsock said. "I feel like that day in Antigua we were able to be so honest, that that was the closure. Seeing him was nice."

"It was totally fine," Siegfried added. "Brooks and I are friends."

The newly engaged pair have no wedding plans as of yet, and are unsure they'll decide to have their nuptials televised.

"We've it given it thought," said Hartsock. "But obviously we would love something intimate. We'll have to decide when that time comes."