Ne-Yo: My Kids 'Look Out for Each Other'

(Photo Credit: @Neyo/Instagram)

Ne-Yo, 33, might spend a lot of his time on the road touring for his album, "R.E.D.," or working in the studio, but the father of two can rest assured his children are safe while daddy's away.

The Grammy winner told ABC News that his children, Madilyn, 2, and Mason, 1, don't have the typical brother-sister relationship - they actually like each other.

"They are definitely not what me and my sister were growing up," he said while visiting ABC to promote the Compound Foundation. "They look out for each other. If Mason is crying, Maddie is right there to see what's wrong. They absolutely love each other."

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With his kids still too young to travel, Ne-Yo "thanks God" for his sister Nikki and mother, Loraine, who help out.

"Of course, the mother of my children, [Monyetta Shaw], she's def there, just making sure they know who daddy is," he said. "Even though daddy can't always be around when they want him there, they definitely know daddy loves them and he's doing what he does for them."

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In addition to being great with her brother, Ne-Yo said, Madilyn is also showing she has a pretty strong fashion sense, taking after her well-dressed father. She's into anything Hello Kitty and "Dora the Explorer."

"She is 2 years old and, I swear to you, she picks out her own clothes," he said. "Like, we'll give her a couple options, lay a few out on the bed, and she'll go, 'No dada, not that one, this one!' She picks her own clothes, puts her own outfits together. It's amazing."