Prince George's Nursery African-Themed

Kensington Palace

Prince William is hoping to pass along his love of Africa to his newborn son, Prince George, starting with his son's nursery.

William, 31, told CNN that George's room will be decorated with an African theme.

"I'll have toy elephants and rhinos around the room," the new dad said in CNN's one-hour special, "Prince William's Passion: New Father, New Hope."

"We'll cover it in, you know, lots of bushes and things like that. [We'll] make him grow up as if he's in the bush," he added.

William told CNN's Max Foster that he hopes his son will one day experience the same Africa that he and Prince Harry did as boys on trips with their parents, Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. The one-hour special - the prince's first interview since his wife, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, 31, gave birth to their son last month - will focus on the prince's love for Africa and his dream to save the world's endangered species.

William also talked about new fatherhood, calling his son a "rascal."

"He wriggles around quite a lot and he doesn't want to go to sleep that much, which is a little bit of a problem. He's a little bit of a rascal," he told Foster.

"I think the last few weeks for me have been just a very different emotional experience, something I never thought I would feel myself," he said. "And I find, again, it's only been a short period, but a lot of things affect me differently now.

Foster's full interview with Prince William will air on CNN and CNN International on Sunday, Sept. 15, at 10 p.m. ET.