This Little Girl Singing Elvis Will Melt Your Heart

Little Ella Mae Minjoe may only be 21-months-old, but she sure does have a set of pipes.

The tiny toddler gives Elvis a run for his money as she sings along to "An American Trilogy" while buckled into her car seat in the back of her dad's car.

"We're all pretty big Elvis fans around here," Ella Mae's father, Bill Minjoe, of Sterling Heights, Mich., told

"She first got into that song when she was watching that video on YouTube with her grandma. One Sunday morning, I woke up and I heard that song going and she was really getting into the 'glory hallelujah' part, probably because she's heard it in church before."

Minjoe saw how much his little girl enjoyed nodding her head and closing her eyes while losing herself in the lyrics, so he started playing the song every day when he'd drop Ella Mae off at her grandparent's house before work, and the result couldn't be more precious.

"My wife was in the hospital for a month because she was a high risk pregnancy, so I was trying to catch this on film for her to get something to laugh at," Minjoe explained.

The YouTube video has more than 1.3 million views since it was originally posted on July 7, putting Ella Mae in the running to be Elvis' female counterpart as the "Queen of Rock and Roll."

But even though she loves singing, as Ella Mae is also a big fan of The Beach Boys and The Beatles, the Minjoe's are just enjoying her sweet, simple serenades for now, rather than signing her up for something more serious.

"We just got lucky here," said Minjoe. "I'm not going to push her into that. As long as she's comfortable doing it we're totally behind her, but I don't want to be stage dad. She's just going to enjoy being a kid."