Brad Pitt Turns Couple's Wedding 'Wild and Mental'

(Photo Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Be careful, Daniel! Lucky for you, Brad Pitt's a taken man.

Abi, 28, and Daniel Lingwood, 41, were just celebrating their wedding, enjoying a drink at the Maidenhead Hotel in Berkshire, England, when they realized they had Hollywood royalty in their midst.

The hotel where the couple was holding the reception just happened to be the hotel where Brad Pitt had decided to relax after filming of his new movie, "Fury," in London.

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"I thought he was joking," Abi Lingwood told the Maidenhead Advertiser of her husband when he told her they were going to go talk to Pitt.

Pitt, 49, didn't hold back the compliments either for the gushing new bride.

"He said I looked nice," she added. "He was really nice."

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The "World War Z" star, sporting his new short-wave haircut, was nice enough to snap a photo with the happy couple.

The father of six with fiancee Angelina Jolie eventually had to go upstairs because Lingwood added that the girls in the room were "going wild and mental."