Alec Baldwin Waited More Than a Month to Kiss His Wife

(Photo Credit: Carlos Ruiz/Beach Magazine)

Alec Baldwin may have had his scuffles and run-ins with the paparazzi, but according to wife Hilaria Baldwin, he's the perfect gentleman - and his chivalry almost ended their relationship before it even started.

The two met in 2011 after the "30 Rock" star approached the yoga instructor and said, "Who are you? I must know you," while both were out with friends.

The fairer Baldwin, 29, spoke with Beach magazine for its Holiday issue, saying the actor, 55, took things slow at first.

"He didn't kiss me for six weeks! He shook my hands for six weeks," she told the magazine. "We'd have the most romantic dinner date, and afterward he'd drop me off at my house and shake my hand. I'd proceed to go upstairs, and my girlfriends would call me and say, 'Anything yet?' and I'd say, 'Nope, nope, nope.' Then they'd say, 'Maybe he just wants to be friends.'"

Fast forward almost three years and the couple, who wed in June of last year, just welcomed a new baby girl Carmen Gabriela in August.

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Aside from the time it took to make that first kiss happen, Hilaria Baldwin added that she knew her husband was the one pretty early on.

"He was very open, which was something I wasn't used to," she said. "Very few people are so open right at the beginning. He talked about his past. I talked about mine. We talked about our hopes for the future … We got to know each other in a way I think most people forgo if they start dating first, then learn about each other after. "

Just two months removed from giving birth, Hilaria Baldwin is looking amazing these days and she shared her fitness routine with the magazine.

(Photo Credit: Carlos Ruiz/Beach Magazine)

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"I exercise nearly every day. Every once in a while I'll take a day off, but even then, I'm pretty active. I walk a lot, do yoga and Physique 57, which is a ballet barre class," she said. "I also jog and spin. In general, it's about treating yourself well-eating to nurture yourself, listening to your body, exercising. And doing it because your body wants to move, not because you're punishing yourself."

So, are Hilaria and Alec Baldwin done having children? She said she's thinking about another baby.

"We'll see where everything goes," she said.