'Dancing With the Stars' 2013: Anna Trebunskaya on Week 3 Hollywood Night

" Dancing With the Stars" pro Anna Trebunskaya weighs in on each of the week's three performances. The "DWTS" veteran knows what it takes to dazzle on the dance floor and gives her take on the dances, the choreography and the judges' scores. You can find her on Twitter @atrebunskaya.

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It was a beautifully staged opening dance. Since everything "Gatsby" is hot right now, it seems almost expected that we had that '20s feel throughout the whole show. Don't get me wrong, I'm obsessed with it just like everybody else, so I loved the hair and costumes and makeup. Big compliments to the band for all the fantastic music they played on Monday.

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Leah Remini: Leah showed good technical improvement in this week's Rumba. Her footwork is cleaner and lines are stronger. I agree with the judges that she needs to work on her fluidity, stretch those lines all the way and connect the arm movement to the rest of her body. Scores were consistent, and I agree with them. No matter her little technical critiques, she's a phenomenal performer, and I love that.

Corbin Bleu: A very ambitious quickstep routine. I think it was so packed with speed and footwork that he had a bit of a hard time keeping his frame and upper body. It almost seems that their focus was on the lower body and his posture collapsed a bit. I love his enthusiasm, the style of the piece and his commitment. He's got to learn to isolate his upper body … from whatever his lower body is doing. It's one of the toughest skills to acquire, but if anyone can do it, it's Corbin.

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren: This was a really great routine, both stylistically and technically! I loved the cheekiness and jazziness of the routine. She is such an elegant dancer that ballroom dances like the foxtrot really suit her. I love that she took off that top in the beginning. She has an awesome body and now she's finally embracing a little sexy.

Brant Daugherty: Another gorgeous routine! It was a really fun, Gatsby-filled through and through quickstep. His footwork was a bit stiff, in my opinion, but that could have been because of his ligament. I'm really impressed with his frame and posture. And, of course, that charming smile does its magic. Just look at those scores. Keep it up!

Valerie Harper: A very cute concept. I was smiling the whole time during this routine. Valerie looked beautiful and Tristan looked slightly kooky. I loved it. I feel that Valerie really had a tough time remembering this week's routine. There were a lot of hesitations and uncertainties in her movement. I hope she gets back on her groove for the next week and many weeks to come. I love watching her.

Bill Engvall: I love his spirit! I'm so glad that he finished the whole routine and didn't mess up at all. There was a lot of content that was actually Paso Doble. Bill has to learn the difference between creating a strong line and getting stiff throughout the whole body. He is not the most natural dancer on the show, but he's working very hard and it shows.

Amber Riley: That was a very entertaining routine! Not a very technical one, but a lot of fun regardless. I love the combination of old school Charleston and some modern booty shaking (crumpling and hip-hop influence). She looks fantastic and sparkles in every routine. Make the next dance with a little more content, and you'll get a higher score.

Jack Osbourne: I'm so glad that they went '70s with this routine. Jack has this certain coolness about him, but this routine kicked his cute booty a little bit. I'm confident that he will overcome it and will get back on top. He's Jack the survivor after all! He needs to work on stronger hip action and moving from his feet and legs.

Christina Milian: That was a strong routine for Christina. Can I just say, she looks fantastic and she is a beautiful performer, both emotionally and physically. Style is dead-on. For technique, honestly it's a Charleston. It's not as technical as the quickstep or the waltz. Yes, there's the matching of the footwork and lines and the sharpness of the feet and fluidity of movement. I feel she had it all, but the judges wanted more, as they should, because she can deliver more each week. I believe in that.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi: I loved the double cartwheel! I thought the whole routine just sparkled and got better and better toward the end. I liked that she took judges' remarks and got on top. Technically, she worked hard but she really surprised me in her performance level. She stayed in character the whole time, and that was my biggest criticism of her from the previous week. That's the way to go! Don't back down now.

Bill Nye: Wow. So this is how one can dance with a torn muscle in the leg? I give Bill props. He was told by the doctors not to dance at all, and he still took that risk. I really can't give much of a dance critique to Bill. There wasn't much dancing on Bill's part and Tyne had to dance around him, pretty much. I did love the creativity though. Based on the lowest scores, I think it's fair that they got voted off this week.

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