'Dancing With the Stars' 2013: Chelsie Hightower on Week 3 Hollywood Night

" Dancing With the Stars" pro Chelsie Hightower weighs in on each of the week 3 performances . The "DWTS" veteran know what it takes to dazzle on the dance floor and gives her take on the dances, the choreography, and the judges' scores. You can find her on Twitter @chelsiehightowr.


Sixteen million Americans have tuned in to see who will triumph and who will falter on "Dancing." This week, overall, I thought the Hollywood-themed show was very entertaining with lots of creativity and glam!

The Routines

Leah Remini: Starting off with Leah and Tony. Leah had me absolutely captivated for the first 15 seconds of the dance and managed to keep me for most the rest of it. Aside from her performance, she didn't have bad rumba action either! She is moving up my list of favorites and only hope she will continue to surprise us in the coming weeks. I'd give her a 7.9.

Corbin Bleu: Corbin next with the quickstep, which some call the "kiss of death." Judging from the video package, I think he would agree, but I think he fared very well. Considering that this quickstep was super fast with tons of steps, he did a great job. Corbin can work on cushioning into his knees and ankles more creating a more fluid gliding action across the floor, which is what I think was missing at times in this dance. But otherwise, this was great. I give it an 8.

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren: Elizabeth and Val up next with a Pan-Am themed foxtrot. She did well through this dance. Elizabeth to me has moments of greatness and then moments that fall a little short. She has really great spins and always looks great while Val is leading her. As I mentioned last week, she could work on using her feet more through the floor helping her with a more fluid and graceful action. Otherwise Great job to the pair of them. 8.

Brant Daugherty: Brant and Peta, next! Poor guy for getting robbed last week. Aside from that tragic story, the dance was really good! Nice set, nice costumes, nice choreography. Very aesthetically pleasing. He struggled with his frame. Brant needs to keep him right arm up, but overall he did a great job! 8.5.

Valerie Harper: Valerie and Tristin up next and "awwwww" is all I can say. Ya'll know I love Valerie, but I can't overlook the fact that she forgot more than half of the dance. But she did handle it well, she didn't let it frazzle her too much and kept that beautiful smile on her face. Keeping smiling Valerie and use this week as fuel to come back stronger next week! Have to give it a 6.

Bill Engvall: Bill and Emma up next, this guy is so endearing. I love him in the fact that he brings a childlike innocence to the dance floor. Such enthusiasm, excitement, and honesty. Bill did a great job for his level with this dance. He kept up with Emma, and brought great energy to it. Although I do think this dance was a bit over-hyped by the judges. It was well rehearsed, but was it 8 worthy? Not necessarily, but it was still good.

Amber Riley: Amber and Derek hit the floor with a bang! This was as much of a freestyle as it was a Charleston and luckily the judges don't know the difference. I felt the judges were overly critical of her tonight. I think it was as Tony the Tiger would say, "Grrrrrrreeeat!" It totally played up Amber's strengths, showing off her natural rhythm and ability, showing that she is one of the best dancers in the competition. This was one of the best dances of the night. WELL DONE! 9.5.

Jack Osbourne: Jack and Cheryl next with the cha cha! Jack is showing the challenge that all the celebs go through when they move from having three weeks to prepare a dance to only having four days. It's a bit of a shock and all my partners had a moment of "Am I going to get through this?" But Jack fared very well. Not his best dance, but still good! And I agree with Bruno on this one - Jack could work on his hip action. I have to say, "Bruno, do you know what hip action is?" I give it a 7.7.

Christina Milian: Mark and Christina next. Completely entertaining from top to bottom! Loved it! Complete synchronicity through many moments. She can still work on refining some of her moves but in my opinion, it was definitely her best dance so far. (P.S. We have all joked about the risk of painting our faces because if the judges don't like it, you have to endure a grueling five minutes of ridicule with your face painted making you feel like a real idiot.) So I'm really glad the judges loved it as well for marks sake, sanity, and reputation. ;) But back to the dance, do I think it deserved a higher score than Derek and Ambers Charleston? I don't, but it was still great! 9

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi: Loved Snooki's intro and I loved the dance! It was a huge improvement from last week. Snooki could work on pressing her shoulders down and as I would say to my partner, "Lock those lats down and throw away the key." (Back to elementary school and it works every time.) But other than that, she brought great energy and attack. One of these weeks, I want to see her totally immersed in the performance because I know she can show us full on emotion and full on facials. But this dance was very well done. 8.

Bill Nye: Last but not least, "Bill Nye The Science Guy! Bill Bill Bill Bill!" (that tune gets me every time). Aww, Bill. He has all the drive to win, but couldn't overcome the insurmountable. You gotta give him props for the valiant effort. There isn't much to critique since he was barely able to move or dance, but I do give him an A+ for effort and his will to succeed. Unfortunately, I have to give him a 6 along with the judges for dancing.

Overall, another wonderful night for dance. Hate to see Bill go cause I know he wanted to be there so much, but it was the right decision especially considering his injury. Until next time!

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