Giant George's Owner Thanks Fans For Support, Not Ready For Another Dog

(Photo Credit: Courtesy Gary Williams)

David Nasser said he couldn't talk to people three or four days ago about the loss of his beloved Great Dane Giant George.

George, verified as the world's tallest dog by Guinness World Records in 2010 and featured on shows like "Good Morning America," died last Thursday. He was 3 feet, 7 inches from paw to shoulder.

"We're doing O.K.," Nasser told ABC News today. "I couldn't have been talking to you four days ago, I would have been a crying ball. But now the good memories are starting to come to the surface. After a week, I am starting to think of all the fun times we had, and it's much, much easier."

Riding in the family golf cart, watching George gallop in the park like a graceful horse, and having the neighbors stop by to bring friends to meet this gentle giant are some of the fond memories Nasser said he will always cherish.

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Nasser, who adopted George almost eight years ago with his wife Christine, said his seven-foot-long dog was actually the runt of the litter.

"George passed away peacefully surrounded by loved ones," Nasser posted to the Giant George Facebook page when he died on Oct. 17. "We appreciate the love and support you have given Giant George over the last several years."

And the Nassers have gotten a lot of love and support over the past week as well.

"I think the first post [last Thursday], we got 13,000 comments," Nasser said. "It's amazing to see other people crying as well and realize George wasn't only important to me, but other people as well."

George would have turned 8 years old on Nov. 17, so to honor him and continue all the charitable work the family did while he was alive, the Nassers have used the Facebook page to invite any and everyone to volunteer or donate to their favorite local animal charity or shelter.

"Just in the spirit of George to continue his good will," he said. "Nothing specific, just contribute your time or donate to your favorite cause."

Nasser added that right now, he's not ready to even think about getting another dog.

"We have two young kids, they keep us busy," he said. "We just need time to mourn George's loss. I think we'll evaluate six months or a year down the road."

To join the thousands already taking part in Giant George Service Day or to leave a message for the family, visit the Facebook event page.