See Miley Cyrus Naked in Body Paint for Rapper's Video

(Photo Credit: Dan Steinberg/Epic records/AP Photo)

Even future Miley Cyrus likes to be naked!

Teaser pictures of rapper Future's new music video were released and they show the "We Can't Stop" singer, 20, sporting a new look. The former Disney star is still stripped down, but now in silver, metallic paint that covers her entire body.

In one shot, it looks like Cyrus is singing to the rapper, almost face to face, and in the other picture, Cyrus is lying, strapped down on a metal, futuristic chair while the rapper watches in the background.

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(Photo Credit: Dan Steinberg/Epic Records/AP Photo)

The video for the song "Real and True" comes out in the near future - Friday to be exact.

In June, Future spoke to MTV about helping Cyrus to make her most recent album, "Bangerz," more personal and to include whatever drama she's going through.

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"I told her, 'You've gotta embrace your fears," Future told MTV. "If something's bothering you, you've gotta run toward it. If you're crying about it, you need to cry till you can't cry anymore. If you try to hold it back, then it's gonna eat you up. But if you embrace [it], the music moves."

Future continued to explain the complexity of the songs he has done with Cyrus for her album and his record, "Honest," out in December.

"Certain days, it's about money, partying and vibing," he said. "Certain days, you wanna know if the love that you're with is really true. And one song we got is basically around all those subject matters."