Valerie Harper 'Not Sad' About 'Dancing With the Stars' Loss

(Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC)

Last night everyone's favorite " Dancing With the Stars" cast member Valerie Harper was eliminated after some missed steps in her Viennese waltz.

Harper, 74, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer earlier this year and has since exceeded all health expectations, told ABC News Radio that she didn't regret her run on the show at all.

"I'm not sad. I'm happy to have been here for four weeks," she said after the show. "I mean, that was great. And I think there's fairness to it. If the show's about good dancing and achieving ballroom styles, I wasn't there yet."

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The former "Mary Tyler Moore" and "Rhoda" star was given three to six months left to live in January, but recent scans indicate the cancer has retreated for now.

Last night on "Dancing With the Stars," Harper said the show had been an "opportunity for me to carry a message" that people should always keep trying, no matter what they face.

Harper told ABC News in early September that no one should ever give up on life.

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"Till God strikes you dead, don't just lie there," she said about inspiring others with debilitating diseases.

Harper has been an inspiration to the whole cast and crew of the show, and Harper's dance partner, Tristan MacManus, said his life was better for having known the courageous star.

ABC's Jason Nathanson contributed to this report.