Why Kate Winslet Refuses to Hire a Cook, a Housekeeper Or a Trainer

(Photo credit: Vogue Magazine)

Kate Winslet is one of the most celebrated actresses in Hollywood, but she hasn't let fame go to her head.

"You know what? Of course I could have a cook, of course I could have a housekeeper, of course I could have a full-time personal trainer," she told Vogue magazine, "but I choose not to because that is not what I want my children to be exposed to. I remember my mother cooking and that's being a parent, and that's what I want to do."

Inside Kate Winslet's Wedding to Ned Rocknroll

Winslet, 38, has two children from her previous marriages, daughter Mia, 13, and son Joe, 9. She is currently pregnant with her first child with new husband Ned Rocknroll.

In the November cover story, which hits stands Oct. 22, Winslet showed off her "really, really simple" engagement ring ("He's a very clever boy," said of Rocknroll. "He designed it himself!") and defended her husband, who at one point worked for his uncle, Virgin mogul Richard Branson.

"People judge all the time; people judge poor Ned for his name and whatever, but it doesn't change the fact that I am what I am, this is it, this is what you see, this isn't an act," she said. "I go to the shops, I take my kids to school, I pick them up, I cook; kids, friends, mates come over, and we have tons of children rushing around the garden, and that is my life."

Photo: Kate Winslet Glows While Pregnant

A big part of her life, clearly, are her children, whom Winslet insisted, "live [in England] with me, that is it."

"Of course they have lovely relationships with their dads, but they don't go and live with them for a week and come to me for a week and go to their dads for a week," she said. "They've always been with me. They don't go from pillar to post. They're not flown here and there with nannies. That's never happened."

It's a situation that works well for the "Divergent" star, who said that her kids are suddenly starting to warm up to the fact that their mother is famous - sort of.

After taking them to see "Titanic 3-D," she noted that they had very different reactions.

"Mia got a bit scared. She didn't like seeing me in a could-be-dangerous situation," she said. "And Joe just wanted to go back to the hotel and get pudding. Which was fine by me."