Cher Jokes That Sonny Bono Is in Hell, But There Are 'Things About Him That I Miss'

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Cher is internationally revered for her stunning vocals, haughty fashion and, lest we forget, clever sense of humor. The 67-year-old icon took to Facebook Thursday for some comic relief in a rare Q&A session with fans where she joked that her late ex-husband Sonny Bono is burning in hell.

"If Sonny Bono were still alive today, but you only had a minute to talk to him, what would you say?" one admirer asked.

"How hot is it where you just came from?" Cher quipped.

Cher: Sonny Bono's Ghost Plays Tricks on Me

Since Bono's death in a fatal ski accident in 1998, Cher has been outspoken about the couple's tumultuous 11-year union. Still, the "Take It Like a Man" singer revealed that there are no hard feelings.

"Do you miss Sonny?" another fan asked.

"I think about him a lot sometimes," she replied. "There are things about him that I miss."

The music legend also opened up about her famous friends, sharing heartfelt anecdotes about the late Michael Jackson and actor Jack Nicholson.

When asked to recount her fondest memory of the King of Pop, Cher had this to say, "I guess him teaching me the routine we did together on TV All of us, because he was so sweet and it was complicated for me. …There is another memory I had, I wanted beaded socks from [designer] Bob [Mackie] and I was wearing them and Michael was fascinated with them, and I kept saying, 'They are MY socks!!!'"

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Cher was equally smitten by her "Witches of Eastwick" co-star, writing, "[Nicholson's] a love. I've known him my whole adult life. He is more amazing then people think he is, and so kind, and he loves women. Actually he loves hanging out with women. He painted a little bull for me for my birthday because we are both Tauruses. Taurus people rule!"

More than 9,000 questions were submitted in the online session, where the "Dancing With the Stars" guest judge also revealed the secrets to her healthy frame.

"I don't smoke, drink or do drugs," she said.

"Don't eat meat AND chose wisely in the gene department. I literally work my A-off. Thank god I like exercising," she added.

"Did you know you were a diva before anyone knew the meaning?" another admirer asked.

"Absolutely." Cher joked. "The first thing I said to the doctor, 'Make sure you cut me a nice belly button, I'm going to be showing it to the world.'"