'Duck Dynasty' Star Reed Robertson Reveals, 'I Wanted to Kill Myself'

The stars of "Duck Dynasty" have always been open about the sharing the ups and downs of being a famous family, but now, they're getting more personal than ever.

In a new film by the Christian group IAmSecond, Reed Robertson admitted that the pressures of being on a hit television show changed him, and not necessarily for the better.

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"A couple years ago, I started to get real cynical and looking at everything like 'That's wrong,' or 'They are looking at that wrong' because I thought I had it all figured out," he said. "I guess I got really caught up in thinking that I was better than everyone else because of who my family was."

Ultimately, the changes in his personality caused his friends and loved ones to begin avoiding him. He grew angry and depressed, and after getting snubbed by his pals after church one day, he "finally hit rock bottom."

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"No one wanted anything to do with a cynical person like me," he said. "I told my youth minister that I was, I pretty much told him that I wanted to kill myself."

He wrote a suicide note, but after speaking with his parents, Jase and Missy, Robertson had a change of heart.

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"My mom was devastated of course. She's crying and all this kinda stuff. She's thinking where she went wrong and it wasn't her at all," he said. "My dad told me, he said, 'That is the most selfish thing that you can do… Leave this world because you can't take it.' And I really believe that that's true."

Now, Robertson said his situation has turned around and he's "back on track with Jesus."

"I just thought about, like, 'I'm about to leave all these people that I could have a really huge impact with,'" he said. "I was finally free of doubts, of having an attitude of being cynical, and I remember being so relieved. And Jesus brings that relief. I think who taught me that was the men in my life and my family."

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