Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Her Celebrity Crush, Explains Pixie Cut

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

She's won an Oscar, she plays a character in "Hunger Games" that has to survive attacks on her life, yet Jennifer Lawrence, 23, said she almost lost her mind one of the first times she got a look at Justin Timberlake.

During a " Fireside Chat with Marissa Mayer at Yahoo," to promote the release of "Catching Fire" on Nov. 22, Lawrence was asked who her teen crush was.

"My teen crush? Justin Timberlake," she said. "Nineties Justin Timberlake though, like 'NSYNC Justin Timberlake. I remember like when I bought the' NSYNC CD and I was listening to it and I was flipping through, remember how CDs had the pull-out picture things and I was like getting so overwhelmed with hormones that I almost threw up."

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She added a few other names to her crush list, including "a little bit of Kirk Cameron - early Kirk Cameron."

Lawrence also explained her new pixie haircut, saying she had cut it earlier to about her shoulders.

"Then it grew to that awkward, gross length and I just kept putting it back in a bun and I was like, 'Well, I don't want to do this,' so I just cut it off," she said.