Kate Hudson Turns Over Home to Lea Michele After Cory Monteith's Death

(Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

After Cory Monteith was found dead on July 13 in his Vancouver hotel room, his girlfriend Lea Michele was watched like a hawk by the paparazzi and every news outlet trying to make sense of the "Glee" star's overdose.

Michele, 26, made headlines for any and everything she did - including her paying tribute to Monteith by wearing a "Cory" necklace weeks after his death.

That kind of intense scrutiny is something that only another actor or actress could understand.

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Enter Kate Hudson, who comes from Hollywood royalty as the daughter of Goldie Hawn, and knows what it's like to be under the media microscope. The two bonded on "Glee" last year when Hudson guest starred as Michele's dance teacher.

So, when Michele had nowhere to live after Monteith's death, Hudson, 34, stepped in.

"I called her and said, 'I don't know where I'm going to go because my house is swarmed with reporters.' Michele told Elle magazine. "She was like, 'Oh, you're going to stay at my house.' Like it was nothing."

Hudson just didn't have Michele camp out on her couch either. She opened up her entire home to the young star.

"She let my family stay there, and any of my friends," she said. "She made sure that in the refrigerator were my favorite juices. I'll never really be able to thank her, truly, for what she did for me."

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Now, almost four months after Monteith's death, Michele said she believes she is finally beginning to heal after abruptly losing her boyfriend of almost two years.

"I never thought I would be in this position in my whole life," she told Elle. "Now that I am in this position, you can choose to rise, and that's what I'm going to try to do. I know that Cory would want nothing more than for me to take this situation and use it to help people."