Mike Tyson Returns Evander Holyfield's Ear in Hilarious Commercial

(Photo Credit: Footlocker)

In the latest "funniest commercial of the week of the year of the century," Foot Locker is celebrating it's Week of Greatness 2013 by making all things right in the world.

The clip opens up with Mike Tyson showing up at Evander Holyfield's house to give him his ear back. Tyson was disqualified in 1997 after he literally bit the top of Holyfield's ear during a championship boxing match.

"I'm sorry, Evander," Tyson says in the clip, while handing a box to Holyfield. "It's your ear."

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The commercial moves on to Dennis Rodman in the airport and to the delight of people waiting in line, he's only buying a one-way flight to North Korea.

"He's never coming back!" a person yells as a group of people cheer for Rodman's departure. The former NBA star has made highly-publicized trips to North Korea and befriended Kim Jong-un, the country's controversial leader.

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Finally, Brett Favre is seen sitting in a diner finishing a meal, saying "a man's got to know when to walk away." Amen to that!

Favre was ridiculed years back after retiring from the NFL a couple of times, only to come back and play months later.