Kim Fields on Second-Time Motherhood in Her 40s

Moses Robinson/Getty Images

For Kim Fields, motherhood is even better the second time around.

The "Facts of Life" actress, who gave birth to her second son Quincy earlier this month at age 44, said her newborn is everything she and husband Christopher Morgan prayed for.

"We were specific in saying Lord, we pray over his temperament, that he would be calm, that he would have peace," she told website "Of course a baby is going to cry, we're not foolish, but it's one thing to cry because you're trying to communicate. However, it's another thing when a baby just cries to be disruptive or just because. He's very easygoing. He giggles and smiles in his sleep all of the time. He just laughs."

Kim Fields Welcomes Second Son

Fields said she and her husband also prayed over the relationship between Quincy and his big brother Sebastian, 6.

"Sebastian has been great with being a helper and understanding his feelings and dealing with those," she said. "He understands that the addition of Quincy doesn't mean there is any subtraction of Sebastian. There's no competition."

In addition to adjusting to the new addition, the family is getting ready for the holidays.

Catching Up with Kim Fields for the Holidays

"Sebastian loves his nativity scenes so we do those through the house," Fields told "We also love going to get our tree from this family-owned lot that sells the threes they grow. So we do that and it's a big deal the past few years. Honestly, and this isn't a shameful plug, as a part of our holiday tradition, we love watching 'Holiday Love' together as a family."

"Holiday Love" is Fields' musical-comedy special series. While in her third trimester, she produced, directed and starred in the fourth installment, "Holiday Love: The Rebirth," which aired Sunday on

"I have done so many other things [since Tootie], whether comedy, dramas, spoken word, appearing in films and directing, and people are still following my career," she told ABC News recently. "That's a blessing. I don't take that for granted, and I'm grateful every day."