Kirstie Alley on Leah Remini: 'She's a Bigot'

Actress Leah Remini has been outspoken about the Church of Scientology since she broke away from the controversial organization in July.

Remini, who had been one of the church's most famous members for three decades, publicly split from the organization following years of what she called "interrogations" and "thought modifications."

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Now, the 43-year-old former "King of Queens" star is getting public blowback from actress Kirstie Alley, who is a proud Scientologist.

In an appearance on "The Howard Stern" show Wednesday, Alley, 62, took issue with some of Remini's statements.

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Alley seems to be upset by comments like the one Remini made on "The View" a few weeks ago after she was voted off "Dancing With the Stars."

Remini told host Barbara Walters that there were repercussions to leaving the church, including being shunned by friends and family.

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"I don't think everybody knows that's what is required when you leave is the friends and family members, mothers and daughters, that is what is required," Remini said on "The View." "They can no longer have relationships with me, my family, so I don't get to see my godkids, friends that we've known for 34 years."

Alley disputed Remini's allegation.

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"You're not shunned, you're not chased. All that's just (expletive)," Alley said. "I want everyone to know I have hundreds of friends and people that I know that have come into Scientology and left Scientology."

She added: "When you are generalizing and when your goal is to malign and to say things about an entire group … when you decide to blanket statement that Scientology is evil, you are my enemy."

Alley also said she'd blocked Remini on Twitter.

"She's a bigot," Alley said.

Alley, who is among Scientology's most famous members along with Tom Cruise and John Travolta, has credited Scientology with getting her off of cocaine and vastly improving her life.

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The Church of Scientology has always publicly asserted that individual members may choose on their own whether to remain in touch with people who have left the church.

Remini's publicist had no comment about Alley's statements.

The Church of Scientology has declined to comment on Remini's departure, saying in a statement to ABC News in July, "The church respects the privacy of parishioners and has no further comment."

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