Paul Walker's Father Recalls Last Talk With His Son

Paul Walker's father said his son knew just how much he loved him.

"I always told him that [I loved him], I always gave him a kiss," he told KABC in Los Angeles. "I knew that eventually he might come to realize what a good person he was, his casual honesty … his smile."

The "Fast & Furious" star's father, Paul Walker III, said he and his son were very close. Walker, 40, died Saturday in a car accident near a Los Angeles event for the actor's charitable organization Reach Out Worldwide.

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"I'm glad to say the last time I was with him, we had a great, great talk about how he wanted to spend more time with his daughter Meadow," he said. "Plans, things he wanted to do, things he was thinking about. He talked about everything but the film industry."

Meadow Walker, 15, was at the event Saturday when the accident happened. She moved to Los Angeles a few years back to be with her father full-time.

"We lost a spirit," he added. "I'm devastated"

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Walker Sr. also told KABC how great fans have been the days following his son's death.

"The last couple days I've been hearing these wonderful stories about my son," he said. "This fella came up to me and … he says, 'I was with my family and Paul was down in the hotel lobby. I said I got a 17-year-old daughter who thinks you're just the greatest thing on earth.'"

Walker said in typical fashion, his son said, "Let's go meet her."

"That was so what he did," he said.

(Photo Credit: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)