Prince Harry to Reach South Pole on Friday the 13th

(Photo Credit: WWTW/AP PHOTO)

Prince Harry should reach the South Pole by tomorrow afternoon.

After weeks on a 200-mile ice trek to benefit Wounded Warriors, Harry sees the finish quickly approaching and even joked about finishing on "Friday the 13th."

"Second from last day, I think," he said Wednesday during interviews. "Another 11 km to go, to setup camp. One more full day tomorrow and a half day on Friday and we're going to the South Pole - on Friday the 13 th. Unlucky for some, lucky for us."

What began as a race with three teams turned into everyone joining forces just to reach the South Pole when conditions became worse than expected earlier this week. Everyone had about 27km left when today began.

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With snow storms that pushed temperatures to around -50C this week, Harry said the conditions have definitely taken their toll, but that everyone is pushing through.

"Not too bad. Wind has dropped now, which is quite nice," he added. "And everyone is feeling a bit tired, but we're slowly getting into the rhythm. We got into the rhythm and it's almost finished."

Since the entire trek is to help servicemen and women who have suffered life-changing injuries, Harry admitted earlier in the trip that he had "no excuses" but to finish.

(Photo Credit: Robert Leveritt/WWTW/AP Photo)