Sherri Shepherd Shares Weight-Loss Secrets

(Photo Credit: Jim Spellman/Getty Images)

Sherri Shepherd has reached another weight-loss milestone.

"So far it's been about 20 pounds I've lost," she told ABC News last week.

"The View" host is on a roll. This comes after she told People magazine in August she had already lost more than 40 pounds after years of working out.

What's her secret?

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"I do Zumba every night. I find a Zumba class, or put in my DVDs," she said of the dance fitness routine she's been doing for more than two years.

Shepherd, 46, also has a strategy to avoid overindulging at restaurants, especially over the holiday season.

"I tell people eat before you go to a restaurant," she said. "A lot of times, you go to a restaurant and you're so hungry. I eat before I go, cause the point is to have great conversation. So, I'm already full and that helps me."

She added, "And you got to have a plan so keeps some snacks and stuff in your purse … I always carry apples and peanut butter in my purse to give me that boost of energy to get me through the day."

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Shepherd spoke to ABC News after she had just overcome one of her biggest fears.

Align Probiotic has created a Get Gutsy campaign for people to enter in what they think would take guts to overcome. Shepherd knew immediately what she wanted to do.

"I said I think I want to try horseback riding because I hadn't done it before," the host, actress and author said. "We went to an equestrian center and they taught me how to ride a horse!"

Not only did Shepherd conquer that fear, but she said she would love to ride again with her son Jeffrey, 8, who has his eyes set on electronics gifts for Christmas.

"Jeffrey just now decided to give me an updated, revised Christmas list," Shepherd said. "He wants a Kindle Fire. I am going to get him an old Kindle. He wants an iPod, I am going to give him one of my old iPods."

As for her husband Lamar Sally, who she married in 2011, he's your typical football fan.

"He's into the Patriots, so I already got him a signed jersey, signed football, all I can really do is get Tom Brady to show up at the house," she joked. "I would be wife of the year."