The Surprisingly Normal Way Britney Spears Met Her New Boyfriend

(Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Britney Spears met her new boyfriend David Lucado at a party, the "Britney Jean" singer told Ellen DeGeneres.

On today's " Ellen DeGeneres Show," Spears, 32, details how she first met the man, who she now loves.

"My friends brought me up to him … and brought me to him just to introduce me to him," she explained.

Spears added that she thought the connection was "instant," adding that she spent the rest of that party with the lawyer.

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Of course, DeGeneres had to joke and asked if she spent the night with him, to which Spears responded, "No! I didn't spend the night."

The two have been together for eight months now and after a little pressing from the talk show host, Spears admitted she waited just one day after they first met to see her love again.

"I just love, he's very passionate, he's funny and he's sexy," she told DeGeneres of what she likes about Lucado. "I love him."

Even perfect couples fight, and Spears and Lucado are no different, as the "Work Bitch" singer revealed they were in a little "tiffy" or argument the night before the interview.

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"It's his fault of course," Spears joked. "He forgot to call me back for a really long time, but we're fine now."

Spears explained he didn't call her back for upwards of six hours, then DeGeneres threatened to call him.

"I don't want it to happen again, I will call him," the host said.