Vanessa Carlton Shares Details Of Her Ectopic Pregnancy

(Photo credit: Kris Connor/Getty Images)

Last month, Vanessa Carlton shared heartbreaking news: She suffered an ectopic pregnancy.

Now, the "A Thousand Miles" singer is opening up about the ordeal, which, she said, was especially dramatic because she didn't think that she'd be able to conceive a baby when she did.

"I have PCOS, which is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and I was told by a doctor that maybe I couldn't even conceive," she said on "The Doctors." "So I was thinking it would maybe be a year before I could even conceive and it happened in a month, so in that sense it was a real surprise for us."

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However, just days after she discovered she was expecting, Carlton, 33, said that she knew something was "weird." Her side ached and there was pain in her shoulder that felt like "lightning." Concerned, she asked for a scan a few weeks early.

"I was very in tune with what was going on and I really wanted to track it as if I was a high risk pregnancy," she explained. "Even though I knew something was funny, the doctor couldn't tell me it was an ectopic [pregnancy] until I was further along. That's one of the tricky and frustrating things about it."

At seven weeks, when doctors could only detect a "blurry thing" in her fallopian tube, they were able to diagnose her properly. She an ectopic pregnancy, meaning the fetus was attached to the right fallopian tube, which made it impossible to carry to term.

Now, she's speaking out to help other women through her experience.

"I'm a very private person but this is, for a lot of women, it's very personal," she said. "I felt it was such an unusual situation, I had never even heard of what an ectopic pregnancy was until it happened to me and I felt like I was just so desperate to hear about other women's experiences with it."