Why Kristin Davis Can't Imagine Getting Married

(Photo Credit: Pablo/FameFlynet Pictures)

For "Sex and the City" star Kristin Davis, her daughter Gemma Rose takes top priority. Then there's saving elephants and a distant third is continuing a career in television. Getting married one day is not even on the list right now.

"The greatest luxury is being home in the morning when my daughter wakes up and not have to go anywhere," she told Haute Living for its December cover. "My ultimate favorite day is not getting out of my pajamas. I have a beautiful home, a beautiful yard and a lot of food. If Gemma and I could just be there, I could probably go a long time without leaving."

Davis, 48, adopted Gemma in 2011 and for the first time since becoming a mom, she is returning to TV full-time next year on "Bad Teacher."

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"I'm really lucky to have a job, but I have a 2-year-old, and I've really been in mommy mode," she added. "I think, 'I'm stuck on set and I don't want to be stuck on set, I want to be with my daughter,' so it's an adjustment."

Even though it might be hard to juggle her charitable work with saving endangered elephants, her career and of course being with her daughter, Davis said Gemma is totally worth it.

"Gemma takes up such a big, big part [of my life] in such a wonderful way," she told the magazine. "Like take going to work: it used to be really important to me, but now I'm like, 'OK, I've got to go to work.' All right. I used to be like, 'I want to go to work, I want to go to work!'"

Finally, the single actress said getting married is in no way a priority.

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"I certainly intellectually feel like I'd like to have another romantic relationship, but I don't know how to make the day-to-day of it happen. I don't have time!" she said. "It has to be someone so awesome that I would bring him in and potentially share time with Gemma. Previously in life, stability has not been that important to me in a relationship or a man … Now I have a baby and I have to put her first and think about what she needs, and stability is a huge, huge part of that."

She continued, "I do have friends who have stable marriages and I look at them and admire what they have, but I don't necessarily think I've ever had that kind of relationship … I don't know that I necessarily totally intended to [still be single], though I do remember being young and thinking, 'Why are all these people getting married?' But I'm an actress - I've never exactly been the status quo."