Candace Cameron Bure Talks Motherhood, Marriage, 'Full House' Reunion

By Kelly McKelvey

Candace Cameron Bure grew up before America's eyes as the lovable D.J. Tanner on the hit '90s show " Full House" alongside co-stars John Stamos, Bob Saget, Lori Loughlin, Jodie Sweetin, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, and more.

Credit: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

Now, at 37, Bure is opening up on juggling marriage, motherhood and a Hollywood career in her new book, " Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose."

This is Bure's second turn as an author. In her first book, she wrote candidly about her struggle with bulimia when she was in her early 20s.

"It's much like an autobiography and it takes you through my life story," said Bure, who is now healthy, of the new book, "picking out those moments where I had to make choices that would help me balance my life."

One of those choices included taking a break from her career in acting to start a family. Bure has been married for 17 years to former hockey star Valeri Bure, and they have three children.

"I had the peace of mind to know that if I wanted to return to acting, that if that were meant to be, then the door would open," she said in an interview with " Good Morning America." "And if it stayed closed, I knew my life had a different path for me, and I was very secure in that."

The door to acting did re-open for Bure, who just starred in The Hallmark Channel movie "Let It Snow." She also balances being a wife, mom, actress and author - all without a nanny or a personal assistant.

"I don't have any of those things and I've done this with my husband, with our partnership together," said Bure, who hopes her story will help knock down some of the misconceptions about the extravagance of mothers in Hollywood. "I don't have any of those extras and I don't think I'm any better of a mom because I don't have them."

Bure said that anxieties moms face often come from within, and she advises people to take each day one step at a time.

"We can beat ourselves up in our mind when we're not striving to what we think we should or could be doing," she said.

One thing Bure isn't ruling out is a "Full House" reunion. In September, she posted a photo taken at the Starlight Awards in L.A. of her hanging out with some of her former co-stars, and it went viral online.

"Everyone talks about it and we've all talked about it. But who knows? … It'd be really fun," she said. "I've always said I'd be up for it if it happens."