'Cabbie' Jeff Gordon Turns Tables on Terrified Writer in Pepsi Ad Sequel

When NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon pranked a car salesman and pretended to take a car on a super-charged test drive for a Pepsi commercial, the video went viral.

But not everyone was impressed.

Travis Okulski, a car enthusiast and writer for the blog Jalopnik, went on TV to say he thought the video was faked.

Gordon heard the interview, and decided to exact his revenge in what is a Pepsi commercial sequel.

WATCH: Jeff Gordon Pranks Car Dealer in 'Test Drive' Pepsi Ad

When Okulski gets into a cab on his way to supposedly test drive a top secret 2015 Corvette, the tables are turned on him.

The "cabbie" is Gordon in disguise. When the cab is pulled over by police, Gordon's character starts to lose it. He starts talking about his fear of going back to prison, and takes off with Okulski in the car.

Of course, it's all staged - but Okulski is in the dark about the whole thing. He can be seen begging the rogue cabbie to stop driving.

Then, the prank is revealed to a truly frightened Okulski. Gordon introduces himself and asks Okulski if he wants to go for another ride.

"Yes," Okulski replied.

Speaking afterwards about his experience in the cab, Okulski said: "I continually called him 'sir' and said 'please' and was very polite the whole time because I figured if I showed that man some respect maybe he would either let me out or if he got away he wouldn't kill me."