'Let It Go!': 'GMA' Hosts Epic 'Frozen' Singalong Event

Thousands joined together for an epic coast-to-coast "Frozen" singalong live today on " Good Morning America," from Tony Award-winning singer Idina Menzel, to the New York City Children's Chorus, to fans who gathered in Times Square, and viewers around the country who sent in their own heartwarming renditions.

Everyone joined hands as the imposing countdown clock began on the Times Square jumbotron, signifying for all the Elsa-impersonators across the United States to officially begin belting out the lyrics to the hit song "Let It Go."

Menzel lead the charge kicking off the extravaganza, followed by three young soloists dressed in their finest "Frozen"-themed attire. Times Square was overwhelmed by the vocals from military troops, the families that are huge "Frozen" fans and even a few Starbucks employees.

Jack Hanna took part singing with one of his penguins at the "GMA" anchor desk, as did David Muir in the "World News" studio, not to mention the Muppets, Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan in their ABC studio uptown and the Liberty Corner Elementary School singing along with the Skyliners Synchronized Skating Team in Bryant Park.

"We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, from Times Square to Bryant Park to all around the country," an overjoyed Josh Elliott said after the entire extravaganza.

"Frozen" has become a box office behemoth since its November release, but it has also become a musical phenomenon, with its song "Let It Go" striking a chord with millions of people around the world. The 3-D animated film is produced by Disney, which owns ABC News.

"Let It Go" has inspired numerous covers by young children, particularly girls, plus heart-melting renditions and many memes and parodies, and "Good Morning America" today hosted an enormous "Frozen"-themed singalong featuring live performances from young soloists, children's choirs, ice skaters, plus video contributions from viewers and celebrities.

Idina Menzel, the powerhouse singer Tony Award-winning singer behind the song's original vocals, said she's surprised by the way the song has caught on.

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"I'm surprised at how big and popular it is, but I as a woman I completely relate to this character and I relate to the idea of a woman or girl and having power and not knowing what to do with it and being afraid of your own power and learning to harness that and own that," she said.

She said her own son, 4-year-old Walker, also sings the song to her.

The animated film's soundtrack is such a melodious success that it blew superstar Beyoncé's new album out of the top 10 spot on the Billboard charts.

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Asked why she thought the song has resonated so much with girls, Menzel replied: "Yeah, it's empowering for me. I can totally understand how girls are gravitating to this song. It's about owning your own power. It's about owning who you are and celebrating what makes you fierce, young girl, and not caring what people think and finally relinquishing and being free."

The film has earned two Academy Awards nominations in the Original Song and Animated Feature Film categories.

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Menzel, who will perform the song at the Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday, acknowledged she was nervous for the upcoming performance, adding: "Nerves are good. They keep you alive. This is a dream come true. I've watched many people I admire perform and just to be nominated and a part of it is really surreal for me and I'm just having fun with it."