'Loser Keeps Bieber' Billboard Updated After U.S. Hockey Loss to Canada

In the lead-up to the fierce battles between the Olympic U.S. and Canadian hockey teams this week, there was much bantering and bets between fans, commentators and even world leaders over which rival neighbor would win.

One particular Chicago-area company made headlines after it erected an electronic sign along a major expressway with a headline threatening the losing country with rights to keep Canadian-born pop star Justin Bieber, who currently lives in the U.S.

Now, according to a new sign put up by Command Transportation after Team U.S.A's 1-0 loss to Canada in Friday's men's semifinals, it looks like the day of reckoning has come for the United States.

The updated billboard acknowledged the bet may have been made rashly, and even appeals for a rematch for "best 3 out of 5."

The old sign showed Bieber between pictures of Chicago Blackhawks hockey players Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, who played for the U.S. and Canada respectively at Sochi.

Command Transportation owner Danny Zamost told The Associated Press the company was simply having "Good, clean fun" and often puts sports-themed messages up.