Cher and Costume Designer of Over 40 Years Part Ways

Francois Guillot/AFP/Getty Images

Cher may have spoken too soon with the title of her upcoming final tour.

Entitled "Dressed To Kill Tour," Cher will be making stops throughout the United States and Canada, but will be doing it without the help of Bob Mackie, her designer of more than four decades.

"Dancers costumes r gorgeous …. I on the other hand have a problem," Cher began her multi-tweet announcement on March 13. "Was putting off…telling you something that has broken my heart. The man who made all my costumes since 1972 decided he couldn't do my last tour."

Mackie, 73, has been dressing Cher for award ceremonies, television shows and concerts since the 1970s, but has decided to call it quits.

Cher's final tour will start on March 22 in Arizona, but feelings of excitement about the tour are few and far between for the 'Burlesque' actress because of this sad news.

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"No matter how disappointed any of u are, you don't know my grief," the 'I Got You Babe' singer continued. "I'm sure Bob can't know how much I miss him. Felt I had to tell u I'm crying. I tried to convince him to end with me, but he had many reasons as 2 why he couldn't do it. 2 many obligations not enough time even 2 do 1."

Cher's fashion is widely known for its risqué nature and its uniqueness, but the major component behind her outfits, Mackie, is no longer a part of her team. Cher claims that he is too busy with other projects and he wouldn't be able to handle her tour designs on top of everything else.

Asked by a BBC reporter in 2010 if he thought he was going to slow down anytime soon, Mackie replied: "It never occurred to me to retire - I think I'd be so bored."

Four years later, the celebrity fashion designer has reconsidered his answer and is giving himself a bit more leisure time through the denial of Cher's goodbye tour.

The singer is trying to look on the bright side of things and enjoy this last time on the concert circuit. She's looked to her past to find the right fit for a costume designer. Hugh Durant, who designed outfits for Cher's "The Farewell Tour" from 2002 to 2005 has been tapped to reprise his designer position.

"Thank God I have a lovely man & wonderful designer, Hugh Durant," Cher tweeted. "He is talented & brave. We will persevere."