Ellen Gives Oscars Pizza Deliveryman Huge Tip

And the biggest tip for delivering a pizza to the Oscars goes to … Edgar Martirosyan?

Martirosyan, the franchisee for the Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria Hollywood, is the man who now-famously delivered the pizzas during last night's Academy Awards show - and he took home a $1,000 tip for his work.

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During Edgar's appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show today, Martirosyan gave details on his Oscars pizza surprise. He told Ellen DeGeneres that he thought he would only be giving the pizzas to writers and producers sitting backstage.

(Credit: John Shearer/Invision/AP)

"[Ellen] said just follow me, and I'm going and I'm on a stage. I was in shock."

Martirosyan came out on stage and was taken into the audience by DeGeneres to deliver pizzas to Hollywood stars. He told Ellen he was most excited to see one of his favorite actresses in the audience, Julia Roberts.

"She was like my woman in dreams. I always watched her movies … it was something crazy - crazy to me to deliver."

There were reports that Martirosyan did not receive a tip for his special delivery. DeGeneres settled that during today's appearance in a very generous way.

"I passed a hat around, and I ended up getting about $600, something like that. Here's some more. Here's a thousand dollars, so you have a total of a thousand dollars."

Big Mama's & Papa's CEO Aro Agakhanyan said the appearance at the Oscars is proving to be a hit for his pizza chain that he started with his brother Allen.

"It's an American dream he was able to go to the Oscars,"Agakhanyan said to ABC News. "It may help double our sales at our 20 locations in the coming days." Aro said Ellen's talk show has ordered from his Burbank location before.