Meet the Man and Women Behind 'My Five Wives'

Brady Williams is a former fundamentalist Mormon who lives in Utah with his five wives, all of whom are pro-gay marriage, believe in Buddhism and are not opposed to drinking alcohol. They're also reality-TV stars.

The Williams family, which includes 24 kids, are the stars of the new TLC reality show "My Five Wives," which follows Brady keeping up with Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie and Rhonda, all aka Mrs. Williams.

"Lots of people think we're crazy, that we're still together, but we spent years and years building this family," Robyn told ABC News.

While the Williams family is surrounded by polygamist neighbors, they do not share their same fundamentalist beliefs. Instead, the Williamses call themselves "progressive polygamists."

"I really consider myself a feminist," Brady Williams told ABC News.

"My Five Wives" will be a first for reality TV by allowing cameras into the polygamy bedroom.

"There's no hanky panky going on between all of us," Williams said.

Williams rotates between wives each night, so that each wife gets to spend the night with him every fifth night.

The wives say they combat jealous by trying not to think about the nights William is elsewhere.

"It hurts me if I go there," Rhonda said. "I don't want to put myself through that."

Robyn came up with a homemade solution for the nights that the wives are alone.

"For Christmas I made each wife a body pillow case that had Brady and then a little dream theme with our names so he's dreaming about us when he's not with us," she said.

Brady Williams says his problems stem not with missing each wife but from traveling each night.

"This is something a monogamist could never experience, but how in the world can I have no socks or underwear in one house and, like, 30 in another when I am completely fair in how I go from house to house," he said. "It's a phenomenon."

The family gathers for dinner together every night just like any family, except that for this family of 30, the monthly grocery bill is $4,000.

"It's not that complicated," Brady Williams said of his home life. "We love each other."

The show premieres on TLC this Sunday at 10 p.m., ET.