'Awkward' Star Nikki DeLoach Talks Co-Stars, 'Mickey Mouse Club' and Motherhood

Courtesy Quavondo/Cliche Mag

Nikki DeLoach, 34, stars in MTV's hit show "Awkward" as Lacey Hamilton, the main character's mother who isn't always so motherly. DeLoach spoke with Cliché Mag for its May issue about working on the show and being a new mom.

"I get to work with people I love, with a character I adore, and with writing that leaves me inspired and challenged on a weekly basis," DeLoach says of working on the MTV show. "It's been such a gift!"

While "Awkward" is a comedy, it still focuses on everyday situations and the hilarity that can ensue when trying to deal with all of life's difficulties.

"This show is so incredible because it touches upon all that young women and men experience in high school," the actress told Cliché Mag. "From bullying to sex, body image to mother/daughter troubles, Awkward moves through these issues with heart and humor."

DeLoach started her motherly role on "Awkward" in 2011, but it wasn't until October 2013 that she became a real-life mom to son William Hudson Goodell.

Courtesy Quavondo/Cliche Mag

"It's the greatest thing that has ever happened to me," DeLoach said. "I would love to say, 'Every moment is my favorite moment,' but I would be a liar."

She continued: "When [my son] was crying non-stop for almost six weeks straight, those moments were really tough. I love when he smiles; it is pure joy and lights up every room. I love watching him discover the world. For me, it's like re-discovering the world through fresh, innocent eyes."

Before she made acting and parenting her full-time gigs, DeLoach was a singer who started out like many of today's stars - on the'Mickey Mouse Club. Some of her co-stars included Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

She loved her time on the show because she "was able to sing, dance, and act - both comedy and drama - with 20 other kids who shared the same interests" as she did.

When the show ended, DeLoach found an idol to look up to, Barbara Streisand, and she isn't alone in her idolization. "Glee" star Lea Michele has also been very outspoken about her love for Streisand's work.

"There were definitely certain movies and performances that inspired me," the former singer said. "Funny Girl is one of my favorite movies of all time, and Barbara Streisand's performance is perfect."