Bride Stunned by Best Man's Epic Britney Spears Wedding Dance

One best man officially gave his bride the best wedding gift ever.

"We all know that marriage takes love and care, but marriage also takes a lot of work," Bradley Bredeweg, of Pasadena, Calif., told his best friend during his seemingly normal wedding speech.

But then he continued with one more sentence, which immediately signified to the bride, Stephanie Huntington, this was no average champagne toast.

"So, you better work b***h," Bredeweg said.

At that moment, the dance floor erupted into a full-blown synchronized Britney Spears dance performance, as the wait staff the bride believed was at the reception to deliver the champagne suddenly started strutting their stuff to the best friends' favorite artist.

"They just busted out in the dance and I was floored," Huntington, 35, told of the surprise she couldn't believe her friend was able to pull off. "I was just blown away the whole time. I was so shocked and so surprised. It was just so much fun."

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Bredeweg, Huntington's best friend since the age of 16, had contacted Chris Downey, with Asher Entertainment, to organize and choreograph the unexpected song and dance that has now gone wildly viral with nearly 200,000 YouTube views.

"The bride thought they were employees of the venue, so no one knew a bunch of professional dancers were there," Downey explained of how he made the magic moment happen. "This is honestly the best gift you can give someone at a wedding. She freaked out."

The incredible wedding toast even caught the eye of the singing superstar herself, Britney Spears.

"Ummm….this wedding toast is INCREDIBLE!!! I want IN on the 10 year anniversary performance!!! #WORKBXXCH," Spears, 32, tweeted along with the link to the video a few days after returning home from her recent vacation to Hawaii.

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An unbelievably flattered Huntington didn't even know the pop princess had acknowledged the video of her Feb. 23 wedding until she landed from a flight, and was floored at the attention.

"I'm a flight attendant part time and I landed and had a million texts and Facebook posts and I was like, 'Oh my God, did someone die?'" the newlywed said. "Then I saw the texts and I was turning around to get on another flight and I was like, 'Oh my God, Britney saw our video. This really was the best speech ever.'"

Other than Spears giving them a personalized shout out, the best part of the entire shocking performance was getting to share it with her, "brother," Bredeweg.

"We're both kindred spirits. We're inseparable," she said of her best man, adding, "Britney has been the soundtrack of our friendship."