QVC Host Lisa Robertson Lives in Fear of Stalkers, Reports Say

ABC News' Ben Krolowitz reports:

For so many of QVC's viewers, Lisa Robertson is the host with the most.

Robertson, 48, is one of the shopping channel's most popular personalities. Every week, the former Miss Tennessee sells the latest in beauty and fashion, drawing an estimated 20 million viewers a week.

That prominence has brought her a lot of attention, some of it unwanted.

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In court documents obtained by the Daily Local News of Chester County, Pa., Robertson, who lives in Chester County, alleges that she has secretly lived in constant fear of one of a number of men who have reportedly been obsessed with her during her time with the network.

In a recent victim's impact statement, Robertson reportedly wrote: "I lock myself in my house every day. I check my alarm constantly … I watch my rearview mirror when I go home at night … if there is a sound at night, I lay awake wondering ."

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In December, 50-year-old Peter Ferriera was sentenced to 7 years' probation for violating a court order from a previous stalking conviction. He is appealing.

Ferriera was first arrested for stalking Robertson 10 years ago. He allegedly went to Robertson's home and followed her to a movie theater, where he was, according to a police affidavit, "close enough to Robertson that he could smell the popcorn she was eating."

In that case, he pleaded guilty to stalking, and served 132 days in jail.

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Robertson's tenure at QVC was marked by more terror, as other men were also obsessed with her. In one case, according to the Los Angeles Times, one of those men reportedly traveled to the home of another QVC host, hoping to meet Robertson there. Police reportedly said that strapped to the man's chest were engagement and wedding rings.

In a statement to ABC News, Robertson said, in part: "… We enjoy the connection we have with our audience from being open and sharing our personal stories. Unfortunately, one of the downsides to this is that people can take these connections too far and cross personal boundaries."